DX-Cluster  sv2cui-8
DX-Cluster SV2CUI-8
DX de E74SL: 14017.0 YC9BHJ Tnx Made! 281250Z
DX de IZ7HNO: 14080.0 JI7UUO AS-007 251250Z
DX de WZ1V: 144185.0 W8ANS EN91>FN31 41249Z
DX de AC4CA: 7033.4 K4BAI 41248Z
DX de IV3IZU: 14074.0 A71AE tnx 73 211248Z
DX de RQ3M: 14023.5 RQ3M M-DX-C CW 161248Z
DX de SP8NFO: 14074.0 UA9FMT FT8 -01dB from LO88 1340Hz 171248Z
DX de DK1FG: 144174.0 G4DCV jn59op-tr-io91of tnx paul 141247Z
DX de G4SIE: 14013.5 IY5ARS 151246Z
DX de DL1NCH: 18100.0 EC8AZE FT8 -14dB from IL28 462Hz 331246Z
DX de W5KAL: 7074.8 3D2TS 321246Z
DX de DL1GNC: 14074.0 RX3ASQ FT8 -02dB from KO95 1020Hz 161246Z
DX de SP8NFO: 14074.0 JA9CM FT8 -09dB from PM85 2175Hz 251245Z
DX de WZ1V: 144205.0 WA1PBU FN42>FN31 51245Z
DX de K8CMR: 14217.0 F5OHM Chris 59 MI... 141243Z
DX de EA5WI: 10137.4 MM1FEO FT8 - Tnx 73 141243Z
DX de W2UH: 14220.0 IZ3WUW call sign correction 151243Z
DX de DK7ZT: 10136.0 WD4NGB FT8 -12dB 0Hz 41241Z
DX de W2UH: 14220.0 IW3WUW tnx Enrico 151241Z
DX de W3LPL: 10108.0 3D2AG Heard in NH 321240Z
WCY de DK0WCY2020/09/23 1218ZSFI=72A=7K=1expK=0R=0SA: quietGMF: quietAurora: no
WCY de DK0WCY2020/09/23 1118ZSFI=72A=7K=2expK=1R=0SA: quietGMF: quietAurora: no
WCY de DK0WCY2020/09/23 1018ZSFI=72A=7K=2expK=1R=0SA: quietGMF: quietAurora: no
WWV de VE7CC2020/09/23 1218ZSFI=72A=6K=2No Storms - No Storms
WWV de VE7CC2020/09/23 0918ZSFI=72A=6K=2No Storms - No Storms
WWV de VE7CC2020/09/23 0618ZSFI=72A=6K=1No Storms - No Storms
To ALL de IW1QLH-61229ZCLUSTER: cluster.hrdlog.net on port 7300
To ALL de SR2PUT1200ZDXSpider Cluster + RBN/Skimmer: http://klub.sp2put.pl / telnet klub.sp2put.pl 7300
To ALL de OP4F1137ZLab599 Discovery TX-500 when and where available ??

MRTG: http://www.sv2cui.net
source: http://www.sv2cui.nettelnet: sv2cui.net port 730012:50:21 UTC (Refresh nach 15s)Web Interface by DL5DI, 20100630